‘Bachelor Pad’ recap: Jake needs Vienna’s help, romance blossoms and someone quits in tears

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Fans of Bachelor Pad were left a little wanting last week after the show abruptly ended following Jake Pavelka’s elimination. But last night, viewers got to see his awkward, if not a little high and mighty, elimination speech after producers decided to spin out the drama over two weeks. Jake spoke to the group, including his ex Vienna Girardi and her new love interest Kasey Kahl – who narrowly escaped elimination last week in a heated head-to-head.

Goodbye from me: Jake Pavelka’s exit speech was screen last night on Bachelor Pad, with him telling ex Vienna he forgave her and telling her new love interest Kasey it was great to meet him.

Bachelor Pad is an elimination-style two-hour American reality television game show that The contestants live together in a mansion and take part in challenges to , Second Kissing Competition, Blake, Ella, Ella took Kirk on a date.

Get ready for the grumbling, the groping and the drama. Each week the contestants will square off in challenges to compete for immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with the contestants of their choice. The winner of each challenge will grant immunity to one of his or her dates via the presentation of a rose.

At the end of each episode, two contestants will be eliminated, as the men vote off a woman and the women oust a man. Days after the breakup, she ran back to Michael, but it was too late; he could no longer trust her. Not only will she have to face Jake again in the pad, but also confront Gia about their recent history. Single mom Ella is still upset with Jake for sending her home during a two-on-one date.

She comes to the pad having just called off her wedding. With friends Vienna and Kasey by her side, she might just get what she wants. After telling Brad she had trouble picturing herself marrying her previous boyfriend, Brad admitted he felt the same way about her. Shortly thereafter, she was sent home.

It worked against Kirk, who was soon dismissed.

Bachelor Pad 8/29 Spoilers: Which Two Contestants Get Sent Home?

Episode 4 of Bachelor Pad airs Monday August 29, and we have the spoilers of who gets a rose and who goes home below. The show should start with us finding out for good: Was it Kasey Kahl or Jake Pavelka who went home and was eliminated on the last show. Believe me, it will be Jake who went home. Kasey and Vienna stay on the show to fight another week.

Ames and kirk ella nolan and kirk shared pizza,. Are sent home and a mensch and holly still together. Would either of bachelor pad 2 spoilers Filipino.

Bachelor Pad is back, which means for the next six-or-so weeks, your Monday nights will be filled with ridiculous D-list celebrity drama, crocodile tears and watching people skank it up on the tele! Ames Brown: Ames made all of the ladies in America swoon when he made a split-second decision to quit the show and chase after a limo carrying his new girlfriend, Jackie Gordon, who had just been eliminated from the game. He appears to have resumed his world travels, recently exploring Colorado and Wyoming, as well as Japan.

Click here to watch a video from their photoshoot! Sorry, Ames. The pair actually did end up getting married on June 2 of this year. Click here to watch their adorable wedding video! These days, Michelle and her friend Laura have a YouTube series in which they demonstrate and review beauty products. He was eliminated in the first episode!

He appears to still be single shocking, I know , although he does attract a lot of ladies when he goes out at night, apparently. She got the works, including a new nose, a new rack and liposuction. Click here to see her before and after photos! However, by episode 2 she was over it and withdrew herself from the competition and went home. She and her boyfriend will soon be moving to New Orleans.

The One Eyed

The next morning, we wake up with Jake, as he talks about getting rid of the “target on his back” and having people see him how he really is. He says the next challenge is important because he “needs this rose. The producers do a great job of having Jake foreshadow the first challenge, because surprise!

The second season of Bachelor Pad kicked off tonight with 16 (her spoils from Bachelor Pad’s first season) while they were still dating. of pain “worse than childbirth,” per Ella Nolan (Bachelor season 14), Erica and Kirk.

ABC has released the official list exclusively to EW. Click through for the full release, and check back later this week for exclusive photos of the cast. With so many elements at play to raise the stakes — Vienna and Kasey are currently dating, there is recent bad blood between Gia and Vienna, a friendship has developed between Jake and Gia, and so much more — season two is set to bring fireworks, drama, romance and endless possibilities. Each week the contestants will square off in head-to-head challenges to compete for immunity and the opportunity to go on a date with contestants of their choice.

The winner of each challenge will then grant immunity to one of his or her dates via the presentation of a rose. At the end of each episode, the contestants will vote amongst themselves — the men will vote off a woman and vice versa — to determine which cast members will be eliminated from the competition.

Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi Reunite on Bachelor Pad

Omg, Melissa is such a train wreck! I’m glad she’s gone. Everything about him grates my nerves! I laugh at how Kasey and Vienna are running off their mouths that they are just playing a part on the show and thats not really them. HA HA I dont buy it. They want people to believe they are “edited” to look like that.

Bachelor Pad’s second week opens in the aftermath of the first eliminations, and Kasey as she says, there are other girls like Ella who are “bigger” than her in the house. Melissa’s yachting date with Blake, Kasey and Kirk.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi , we haven’t missed seen you in a while! Ames Brown , didn’t we just see you the other day? Gia Allemand , back for more, we see. Michelle Money , here to make trouble, we presume! The second season of Bachelor Pad kicked off tonight with 16 castoffs and two “winners” from past seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette filing into an L. Not taking any chances, Vienna started slamming Jake the moment she walked into the partially filled living room.

Instead, in walked Gia, who was already gunning for Vienna because she supposedly took up with Gia’s boyfriend Wes Hayden her spoils from Bachelor Pad ‘s first season while they were still dating. Vienna continued to do her best to make it all about her , sighing and complaining that she wasn’t feeling good and otherwise preparing everyone for the Worst Guy Ever to walk in the door.

Vienna’s new man, Kasey Kahl Bachelorette season six gave Jake a very disapproving look when he first arrived, then followed him outside to where Vienna was already overdramatizing the situation. The group, which included Michelle and dentist Blake Julian Bachelorette season seven proceeded to engage in a very tense talk about the weather. Jake threw Kasey for a loop by cornering him immediately to let him know that he just wanted Vienna to be happy and that he wasn’t there to muck up their relationship.

Kasey held off on slugging him “I’m mentally beating the crap out of him and it feels freakin’ awesome,” he commented but remained determined to get Jake get kicked off ASAP. Like on Survivor , but with less actual dirt and more figurative dirt, the roomies have to form alliances and win challenges to fend off elimination.

Blake Julian and Erica Rose discuss their ‘Bachelor Pad’ experience

The season premiere aired on January 4, The show features Jake Pavelka a pilot from Dallas , Texas , courting 25 women. Pavelka was a contestant of fifth season of The Bachelorette featuring Jillian Harris. It is the first season of The Bachelor to be broadcast in high definition. The couple later ended their relationship in June

The Bachelor: Season 14 is the 14th season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. He was eliminated before hometown dates and finished in 7th/8th place. Girardi, and Ella Nolan, returned for the second season of Bachelor Pad. Nolan and her partner, Kirk DeWindt, were eliminated at the beginning of week​.

Kasey tried to teach the audience an important lesson on the Aug. All Jake ever wanted to ever do was apologize to Vienna , but her knight-in-shining-armor of a boyfriend is just too stubborn to ever see the good in him. And of course the producers had to make it even juicier this time by incorporating all the love triangles and sexual tension in the house. Mommy was voted the best kisser because she used her voluptuous lips and tongue, blind-folded, to get closer to buying you a house!

Ella won the rose, and picked none other than her partner, Kirk. Besides the fact that he has a girlfriend, someone needs to give that guy a mint and save the day! Kirk and Ella took off in a sick red Porsche, and William was totally jealous — though not not of the date with Ella, but of the car! He looked like he wanted to make out with that sports car, the way he drooled all over it. But back to the date: Ella and Kirk shared pizza, ice cream, and some serious talk.

Out of all the pairs on this show, Kirk and Ella really do need the money the most.

Bachelor Pad

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