Is there a limit to how many people or in what regard? What are practical solutions to avoid the dilemma of giving fake excuses? It is my understanding that although there is nothing objectively problematic or unjust in having certain people know that one is dating, there remain three primary causes for discretion; tznius , eyin hora , and personality. That being the case, it is my opinion that it very much depends on the reason one feels compelled to share, along with their level of comfort in revealing such matters. As such, regarding tznius and eyin hora , if there is a practical reason to divulge e. Similarly, if it is a matter of derech eretz e. It is not particularly unusual for people to go away for Shabbos and visit another town for a change of pace, or to escape the daily grind for a day or two to catch a little break, and provided that one commands a matter-of-fact demeanor, I have found that this explanation is generally taken at face value. Website sponsored by Mr. Malkiel Goldberger in honor of their precious children.

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From the COLlive inbox : A Yeshiva bochur writes a frank and open letter to girls his age and states the one thing guys want in a wife. Full Story. Not too long ago, my friends and I found ourselves discussing marriage. We all were in Yeshiva, yet each one was on a different level of chassidishkeit. Some more careful, others more lenient. What we all had in common, it turns out, was the one thing we all said we wanted our future wives to have.

I am, of course, talking about tznius. Each bochur in that discussion said that we want our wives to dress tznius. But why? Why would multiple guys who clearly have different values, some even doing stuff that are clearly wrong, all want the same thing when it came to tznius? The fact is that guys want to marry a tznius girl.

A Bochur’s Advice to Girls

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The guys I know all want to date and marry girls who dress like supermodels. I am a Modern Orthodox guy. I regularly go to movies and I watch TV. I also go to bars for a couple of drinks every now and then. The problem I have with girls is their lack of tznius. Have you seen the way some non- yeshivish girls dress? And I see something that turns me off even more.

Many of my friends are married, and their wives dress less modestly than when they were single. That is not how I want my wife to look. This has nothing to do with my needing a yeshivish girl.

Why Being Orthodox Didn’t Work For Us

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Understanding the dress codes of Orthodox Jewish women and their diverse interpretations. Based on the true story of Deborah Feldman, a Jewish woman who left the Satmar community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in search of a new life, the hit Netflix series “Unorthodox” has brought Hasidic culture — and its female dress codes — into mainstream focus. One of the most talked about aspects of the show is the clothing, which shapes lead character Esty’s played by Shira Haas story from beginning to end.

The show’s costume designer Justine Seymour spent hours on meticulous research, including a week-long stint within the Satmar community in New York. She said she discovered that the women she met during her research embraced designer brands for shoes, headscarves and handbags. Whether scouring second-hand stores for silk scarves she said she purchased over for the show or building faux-fur shtreimels hats worn by married Hasidic men usually made from mink from scratch, Seymour said she worked hard to ensure that each costume would adhere to Orthodox Jewish laws, but also celebrate the nuances of individual style.

Esty on her wedding day in “Unorthodox. Orthodox dressing can often be perceived by outsiders as overly restrictive, and as leaving little room for individual freedom and self-expression. Orthodox Judaism encompasses many traditions and customs, with the Hasidim of Williamsburg being just one ultra-observant group. And while women living in this particular community tend to subscribe to more stringent rules for getting dressed, modern Orthodox followers, for example, choose to interpret some of the core principles differently.

Understanding the dress codes of Orthodox Jewish women and their diverse interpretations

The document specified everything from clothing colors and patterns right down to nail polish, from the length of wigs down to type of shoes. Sheker haCheyn, veHevel Hayofi indeed; external appearance can be false and shallow , while true beauty lies within. Unfortunately, neither the Crown Heights letter nor the guidelines contain anything that extols the virtues of women. As far back as I can remember, every Pesach was a reminder that we owe everything to the women who resisted Pharaoh in ways the men could not dare.

When called before Pharaoh, they did not beg or hide, they fooled him by saying that Jewish women always gave birth before they could even arrive; that was courage and brilliance. When the women chose to dress modestly, it was an affirmative act against Pharaoh every bit as much as when they privately enticed their husbands.

Rus is an advocate for tznius and modest clothing and maintains the Men, Women and Tznius: Social Contact in Business, while dating and Yichud.

Image credit – Shema Yisrael Torah Network The so called Shidduch crisis has become one of the most discussed topics of our day. At least in the world of the right wing. This phenomenon is the result of a culture gone wrong in many ways. Interestingly this phenomenon does not really exist in the Chasidic community.

Chasidim get married very young. Men and women both start dating at around the same age. It is not uncommon for a Chasidic couple to get married when both are about 19 years old. So it kind of equals out. But for reasons that are beyond the scope of this post the Chasidic model of marriage cannot realistically be applied to communities outside of their own. In the Modern Orthodox world there is an entirely different problem.

A lot of dating takes place in that world.

Coed Activities Are and Should Be Normal: What Both Rabbi Shulman and His Critics Get Wrong

It is incumbent upon every father to educate and guide his household and make each family member aware of the issue of Yichud. A man and a woman who are dating must be extremely careful not to be in a Yichud situation. Therefore, they should not go to a secluded park or quiet country spot. This applies even more after they become engaged, for then there is a case of Libo Gas Boh.

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Aug 21 1 Elul Torah Portion. Is it necessary to be properly dressed in the privacy of one’s own home? How about in the bedroom? How about in the bathroom? Why does halacha have stricter standards for women’s dress than for men? Why must a married woman keep her hair covered while an unmarried woman is exempt? To answer these questions, let’s try to understand the foundations of the Jewish concept of tzniut. The Torah requires that when a Jewish soldier goes to war, he must take along a shovel.

Not at all.

Help the Family continue R’ Yonah’s Shlichus

Four years ago my husband and I were married in a traditional Orthodox ceremony. There was no question about what kind of wedding we would have. My husband was raised as an Ultra Orthodox Jew.

We might never think about it, but really there are so many tznius pitfalls in dating. In the car alone. Walking at night alone with an unrelated girl. Talking alone.

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